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Treasure Hunters - Episode 1: El Dorado, Lost City of Gold



the position of Daniel, was an impossible one.

The famous “statue-dream” of the Babylonian king Nebukadnezar Daniel interpreted in the most positive way. The conqueror of Jerusalem was an unpredictable and violent man and should be pleased. Otherwise a violent death was plausible. Failure in the service of Nebukadnezar meant death.

Daniel explained the “statue-dream” as follows. The golden head symbolised Babylon, the other parts represented the Medean-Persian Empire (the silver chest), Greece ( bronze hips), Rome (the iron legs0. The feet of the statue were composed of a mixture of iron and clay. This makes the statue weak and, hit by a rock, falls.

Of course this is a modern interpretation of Daniels profetic texts and in apocalyptic texts the European Union is often named as the toes of the statue. The fall of Nebukadnezar's dream-statue is about to happen. To believers this explanation underlines the fact, that we live in the End of Days. The time the statue falls.

I already mentioned the pressure and stress Daniel tried to handle during the confrontation with the Babylonian. I accept that Daniel's psychic powers could tap the thoughts of the King.

I think Daniel chose the flattering interpretation of the statue-dream. The real situation was, that Babylon was about to fall. Shortly after the death of the Babylonian ruler Babylon's empire crumbled and the city fell into the hands of Cyrus the Great, starting the silver phase of mankind.

But there is an interpretation Daniel even had direct knowledge of. He lived most of his life in Babylon and and part of the Imperial court. He must have seen, that the glory of Babylon was fading and that there was a lot of pressure on the borders.

Instead of tackling this problem, he stayed in his court in Babylon, to be entertained and confront his “staff” with ridiculous tasks. His successor went a step further and drank wine out of Temple-cups. God wrote his death-sentence personally on the wall. Babylon was in last, crumbling, phase. The rock, who brought the inheritance of this great king down, was the united forces of Cyrus the Great, who simply broke through the defenses and rode into Babylon, the Great, who surrendered without a fight.

The Persians and Medians took over. The new king Cyrus gave the Isrealites permission to return to Jerusalem and, after 70 years, start rebuilding the city, that suffered under the might of Nebukadnezar, king of Babylon.



The prophet Elia went up into heaven by a charriot-of-fire; never to be seen again, Enoch visited Heaven and circled around the world. He too, went with God to live eternal life.

Moses, who wrote the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. In it is the story of the Exodus, when the Isrealites left/fled Egypt. The Jews lived in the north-eastern part of theNile-delta, where they were building the city of Piramesse (Ramses, this does not automatically mean Ramses II, the Great, who ruled over 60 years; the list of Pharaohs mentions 8 rulers by that name.

The story is well-known. The Israelites (estimations 300.000 up to over a million; Egyptions joined the Exodus too; their land lay in ruins. Moses split the Red Sea. The fugitives passed and the charriot-army of the pharaoh drowned when the waters returned. For the Isrealites 40 years of wandering began. During this “trip”, God fed them with manna and guided them with a pillar of light at night and a pillow of smoke at day-time. Following this guidance, they arrived at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the 10 Commandments and the Isrealites accepted the Covenant with Jehovah.

Recent research indicates, that this interprettion may be completely wrong.

According to recent publications, the path of the Exodus did not lead through the Red Sea, but through the Persian Gulf. Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai-dessert, but in Saudi-Arabia. There arguments sound reasonable.

Like I said, the Jews lived in the North-Eastern part of the Nile-delta. The mass-migration along the Western banks of the Red Sea, would bring them into Egypt, not out of it. Going to the North, was blocked by the Filistines, who were much too strong. They introduced iron-swords in the area.

Remained the Eastern bank of the Red Sea, following an ancient trading-route to Arabia, a route that takes them to the Persian Gulf. Moses had travelled this road once before. But there is more. First we have to realise, that the desserts, we know, are a modern phenomenon. The land was lusher and greener and water was plenty. Also the sea-levels were lower. The Persian Gulf and the Red Sea were rivers, than seas.

God fed and guided the Israelites, by day and night. Some see the description in Exodus as depicting Ufo's and extra-terrestrial interference. But there is another interpretation: an active volcano. And yes, during the Exodus a volcano in Northern-Arabia was active, that could have fuctioned as a beaken, at day and by night.

Mount Sinai may be on the other side of the Persian Gulf in present day Saudi-Arabia. “Guerilla-archeology has delivered some evidence, but the government has closed the site and further excavations are forbidden.

The classic Mount Sinai and the traditional interpretation are still presented as the truth and taught at school.


Prediction for the year 2012 (the birth of 2nd Sun)

Bill Ryan (Project Avalon and Camelot) - Klaus Dona 25 March 2010 part 2/5

Alien Gods Return 2012


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Tycho (crater)
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Tycho (crater)
Tycho crater
Tycho seen by Lunar Orbiter 5. NASA
Coordinates43°19′S 11°22′W / 43.31°S 11.36°W / -43.31; -11.36Coordinates: 43°19′S 11°22′W / 43.31°S 11.36°W / -43.31; -11.36
Diameter86.21 km
Depth4.8 km
Colongitude12° at sunrise
EponymTycho Brahe
Tycho is a prominent lunar impact crater located in the southern lunar highlands, named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). To the south is the crater Street; to the east is Pictet, and to the north-northeast is Sasserides. The surface around Tycho is replete with craters of various sizes, many overlapping still older craters. Some of the smaller craters are secondary craters formed from larger chunks of ejecta from Tycho.


 Age and description

Tycho is a relatively young crater, with an estimated age of 108 million years (Ma), based on analysis of samples of the crater rays recovered during the Apollo 17 mission. This age suggests that the impactor may have been a member of the Baptistina family of asteroids, but as the composition of the impactor is unknown this is currently conjecture. However, simulation studies give a 70 percent probability that the crater was created by a fragment from the same break-up that created asteroid 298 Baptistina;[1] a larger asteroid from the same family may have been the impactor responsible for creating Chicxulub Crater on Earth 65 million years ago (mya), and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.
The crater is sharply defined, unlike older craters that have been degraded by subsequent impacts. The interior has a high albedo that is prominent when the Sun is overhead, and the crater is surrounded by a distinctive ray system forming long spokes that reach as long as 1,500 kilometers. Sections of these rays can be observed even when Tycho is illuminated only by earthlight.

The large ray system centered on Tycho
The ramparts beyond the rim have a lower albedo than the interior for a distance of over a hundred kilometers, and are free of the ray markings that lie beyond. This darker rim may have been formed from minerals excavated during the impact.
Its inner wall is slumped and terraced, sloping down to a rough but nearly flat floor exhibiting small, knobby domes. The floor displays signs of past volcanism, most likely from rock melt caused by the impact. Detailed photographs of the floor show that it is covered in a criss-crossing array of cracks and small hills. The central peaks rise 1.6 kilometers above the floor, and a lesser peak stands just to the northeast of the primary massif.
Infrared observations of the lunar surface during an eclipse have demonstrated that Tycho cools at a slower rate than other parts of the surface, making the crater a "hot spot". This effect is caused by the difference in materials that cover the crater.

Panoramic view of the lunar surface taken by Surveyor 7, which landed about 29 km (18 miles) from the rim of Tycho
The rim of this crater was chosen as the target of the Surveyor 7 mission. The robotic spacecraft safely touched down north of the crater in January 1968. The craft performed chemical measurements of the surface, finding a composition different from the maria. From this one of the main components of the highlands was theorized to be anorthosite, an aluminium-rich mineral. The crater was also imaged in great detail by Lunar Orbiter 5.
From the 1950s through the 1990s, NASA aerodynamicist Dean Chapman and others advanced the lunar origin theory of tektites. Chapman used complex orbital computer models and extensive wind tunnel tests to support the theory that the so-called Australasian tektites originated from the Rosse ejecta ray of Tycho. Until the Rosse ray is sampled, a lunar origin for these tektites cannot be ruled out.
This crater was drawn on lunar maps as early as 1645, when Antonius Maria Schyrleus de Rheita depicted the bright ray system.

the Economic Collapse and 2012 Predictions

It Is Not A Time For Fear

We must not react with panic or fear in these times of economic collapse. We have heard predictions that this time period is to be one of upheaval and transition. We have read about prophecies taken from the Mayan Calendar, and legends from the Hopi, the Navajo and other Native American tribes, and from the religions of our childhood.
If we can educate ourselves as to the underlying energies that are causing these upheavals, we will be able to cope with them intelligently and calmly.

The Energies Of Earth Are Changing

The energies of Earth are changing. This effects every living creature on Earth and we are living creatures. We may believe that things and events and circumstances are solid, or unchanging, but actually everything is energy and what we experience in our lives comes from our perception of that energy as it flows through our 5 senses. Without delving deep into astrology, astronomy, or quantum physics, suffice it to say that because a galactic cycle is changing the quality of the energy around us, our minds and bodies will as a result change their perception of how things, events, and circumstances are able to be experienced by us.
Life as we know it is changing.


We Are Beginning a New Cycle

We are at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The Earth is lining up with the Galactic center and also entering the photon belt which it only goes through once every 26,000 years. To have both of these phenomenon happen brings the Earth's energy into a new dimension.
This phenomenon changes the physics of matter, and everything that was able to operate at a lower vibration or magnetic energy is collapsing because it cannot be supported anymore by the new incoming energies. Acts of greed and corruption and misuse of power that have been going on behind the scenes are now having the light of a higher vibration shine upon them and there is no place to hide. We see this on a world scale in such things as the economic collapse and also in our own lives as events and circumstances which are shaken loose and swept away, leaving us wondering what happened to our house, our job, our money, our partner, or our health . It helps to understand that what is happening is no more than an immense clearing of old energy so a new more purer energy can enter our consciousness and Earth‘s consciousness.
The information in the Mayan Calendar can help us profoundly in understanding what is going on with Earth at this time. Reading the link below on the Mayan Calendar will expand your knowledge and perceptions about your life and this era. The Mayans were somehow able to read the past and predict into the future to 2012 at which time their calendar stopped. That didn't mean human life was to stop, but that a cycle was coming to an end. It is amazing how correctly they pinpointed and predicted the energies of exactly what was going to happen now and how events have occurred so far to match their predictions. (See link on Mayan Calendar)
In the near future there will be much more clarity and light around questions and solutions of how we will live as a people, and how we will use and share the resources of our planet. There will be a dawning recognition that the planet that we live upon is alive and conscious of herself, just like we are. Her body is going through changes, and so are our bodies because we humans, collectively, are an organ of her body and sustained by it. These major changes coming to Earth have been set in motion by an Intelligence that is the Mind behind the Universe. The overall cycle is set, but that doesn't mean that how things turn out are preordained. It will be how the Earth and human beings act within the changing of this cycle that will be the determining factor in the outcome of the future.

We Are Living In Turbulent Times

Though general trends have been predicted, no one really knows how the future will come about. We have free will and have used it in the past to limit ourselves in fearful, violent, separating ways that have caused misery in many human lives on this Earth. We have hurt our ‘host being' by foolishly destroying her resources and by using man made chemicals to pollute her atmosphere. The religions that we have turned to for solace and direction have only made our sorrow deeper by making us feel we are lowly sinners, or tricking us to believe in religious causes that turn us into violent soldiers for our specific version of the truth. The misery these separatist religions have caused can be seen by past as well as current human history.
There cannot be peace on Earth until all religions come together and do not see their chosen way as the One way, but as one of many ways that we can come to see truth. Jerusalem and the Middle East is so important now and a hotbed of dissention and violence because all three major world religions claim it as the holy beginnings of their specific religion. The energy of the divisiveness of the thought that any one religion is superior to any other has its roots in that area, and until peace is made there, peace cannot come to the rest of the world.

We are living in turbulent times and the best way for us to get through them individually and as a whole is to drop grievances and judgments against individuals or groups. We must also drop feelings of superiority and entitlement, for our separate countries and nations as well as for our separate religions. Feeling our country is superior and entitled to more of the Earth's resources than other countries is not supported anymore. Neither is destroying the Earth to make material things we do not need. Manipulation by TV and computers as a method to brainwash us into acting in ways that serve the selfish purposes of a powerful elite, will not be possible as the average human gains a more enlightened ability to think for him/herself . We are not free, yet have been programmed to think we are.

Our Economy Is Collapsing

To see our economy seem to collapse is frightening, but what is more frightening is to believe that it can be put back together by the same thinking and the same people whose greed and corruption caused it. Now that we have the support of clarity and compassion in the incoming energies that are entering our space time continuum, we need not be afraid. To realign our monetary system and rid it of corruption and greed requires that it be dismantled and bullt up again in a new and better way. A great new civilization has a chance to be born now, and we all must take part in it for we have been created with a singular purpose to do this, each with a unique part to play. That is why we are here at this time. It is truly a time to become extremely discerning and use intuition to seek truth without, and also to seek truth within to find information and guidance. Nothing is going to be the same as it was. We need to be able to flow with change and not let it frighten us, so we may find new ways of thinking and doing and being.

What Is Our Part To Play?

Now is a time to ask ourselves what our special talents are so that we may share them with others. It is a time to come together with others in our towns and communities and live in simplicity, renewing the joy of sharing, living as families and groups and not as separate people living all alone and not trusting each other. We must learn to communicate and co-create, not compete. In this way we can renew Earth's vitality and our own by finding wonderful new sources of power to provide new means of expansion which will take us beyond our wildest dreams.
It is said that Earth is on the cutting edge of our Galaxy and as we are able to turn chaos into harmony and order, so will we benefit other areas of our Galaxy and Universe as they will be able to profit from our successes. As a species and as individuals we are cutting energetic pathways for others to follow. We have chosen to be here at this time to do this. We all are equal to the task, and will find much joy and satisfaction in the challenge as we seek opportunities to develop new ways of life. To do so we must change our perceptions and understand what is happening and not panic or hide in fear. There is to be a life of wider perception, increased connection among all peoples and living things of the Earth, and new systems of civilization based on equality and sharing and protection of Earth and her resources. No one will be in lack, as the order of the day is unlimited abundance. If we can hold to that vision as a people I am sure we can accomplish it.

We Are The Guardians Of Earth

Within our collective consciousness we are guardians of the human race and also of the Earth and all living things upon it. To fulfill our purpose we must be always aware and discerning, and not judge present things by the past, but rather seek solutions and recognize opportunities as they appear to guide us into new ways of thinking and being.
The recent economic house of cards was a structure built on deceit and greed and false promises. Any part we played in it has fallen and should be a wake up call for us. There have been many other wake up calls lately as well, but this one seems to have hit people hardest, which only shows where our values and hopes for the future have been lying. We used our net worth as a false god that we believed would save us but in the end it had no power. We need to drop our identification with material things, letting them serve us, instead of being slaves to them. We must stop using history as a guidepost to the future, since as the energies change so do the abilities and the possibilities of the human race. It is truly an amazing and wonderful time to stretch our imaginations and see what we can do. We must ready ourselves and be eager for new challenges, and work with new energies as they transform us and the Earth in ways that we cannot now foresee.

We Are The New Pioneers

As our forebears courageously cleared paths through the forests, not knowing the dangers ahead, yet physically pushing their way through the underbrush to make a new life for themselves, so we must do the same energetically, clearing mental and spiritual paths for ourselves and for those who follow us. We are the new explorers and the new pioneers and we have the same feelings of adventure and hope and vision that they had. In turn we may be called upon to suffer periodic setbacks as they did, until we get our bearings.
A wonderful new time is ahead of us and we should feel exhilarated and hopeful and eager. I trust that our human species has great heart and strong faith and that we will be given the proper tools and shown the right path to build ourselves a beautiful dream of the future.

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