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It was in the early years ot the 21st century, that the weather turned into which was later called a non-winter, short periodes of cold, followed by springlike episodes. An economy based on mobility could not cope with this kind of weather. Icerains blocked the roads, to freeze again in the evening. In the meantine in protected areas, flowers started to blossom and birds started courting. There were people who thought that they were realising these effects themselves and in fact they were true. Our state of mind has always been mirrored by the world around us and in the same way we influence this world environment. Climatechange is caused by us. Not by burning up fossil fuels and using every possible part of the world to maintain an illusion of wealth and growth. In effect it was the other way round. Beauty and life disappeared in favour of concrete, highways and skyscrapers. When man is indifferent to or endageres nature, nature gets indifferent to man. Water falls, water flows and it always finds a way to go. This mancreated, unnatural environment effects your vibes, numbs you down and makes you forget who you really are. And so year after year the world looses its sparkle and starts sending messages of pain. Floods, draughts, fire, earthquakes or birds falling out of the sky.

But let's talk about the weather.-side of change. In five years time the weather had disrupted the routines of public transport. Travellers were advised to travel only if necessary and to carry a blanket and something to eat. Like the situation on the Titanic, where they had not enough lifeboats, the daredevils who tried to go by train, learned that the brandnew trains had no toilets. With the compliments of the management. On television overpayed managers said things, every five year-old could have said, and got away with it.

This country, which once was seen as a luxury estate at the sea, with parks, woods, waterways, beautiful cities and villages. Every aspect of an inspiring environment was present and in recent years the European ecosystem was slowly destroyed to be replaced by a electronically controled artifcial environment; an economiccal battlefield. And they liked it. They flocked together at manifestations, parades, musical performances and commercial sell-outs. They all drove by car around and around, with the result that the occupants of the MIR-station could not see the Kingdom of the Netherlands at all. Which was fine with me. Danger always comes from above, so they say.


voorjaar: NOORD-OOSTERDWINGER (Grachtswal)


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foto van Harlingen in Beeld.



In eschatological doctrine a “Beast” will appear during the turmoil of the End Times. After a global reign of several years, he will ignite the final War: the Battle at Armageddon. On the plains of the Middle-East Good and Evil clash. According to Christian and Islamic tradition mankind will be saved; either by the return of Jesus or the “reign” of Allah. The Jews are awaiting a kind of Messias of their own. The problem is Jewish prophesy. The Jewish Messias will manifest himself after the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Gradually the tension in Jerusalem rises among the three religions. Jewish pressure grows. They want to rebuild the Temple. Priests and builders are trained,the stones are cut and the (golden) religious objects are ready.

The search for the “Beast” (or Djadjal) is 2000 years old. Prophets, rabbi's and imams, have named a number of candidates in history. Nero, the Roman Emperor, is mentioned in Revelation (666), Djengis Khan, Emperor Napoleon and Adolf Hitler. Definitively they were possessed by divine powers of evil. All 4 have developed their own Cosmic Ritual of Destruction. Nero burnt christians on stakes. At dinner. Djengis Kahn beheaded his opponents and showed the severed heads. Hitlor perfectioned a racial destruction machine called the “Endlosung.” Napoleon made perfect use of canons and decimated his enemies.

In this day and age “the Beast” will manifest itself in the flesh. To play his role in the, planned, Endtime scenario. The prime candidate is waging a scrupulous civil war he is about to win. He knows that Russia, Turkey, North-Korea and Iran on his side. The Battle of Armageddon will take off focused on Israel and his Allies. In the meantime the Chinese are further enslaving, mentally and physically, the people in preparation of an Asian conflict.

The “Beast” is president and supreme commander and is provoking the World by using chemical and biological weapons. A testing-ground for future war. His first name is “Bashar”, meaning keader of armies. His last name is “Assad”, like his father.

Ryanna looked on. She observed Jian, while he said writing. Obviously he was in a kind of trance, for he hadn't stopped writing for half an hour. “I am writing a book.”, he had said, “And you are in it.”

Ryanna nodded smiling. “You ain't seen nothing yet”.
Een wandeling door Harlingen: FRANEKEREIND


Rowan Atkinson - Welcome to Hell (Long Version)

zondag 8 april 2018

THE RESISTANCE: The Peasants' Revolt of 1381



The lessons and lectures, in fact every experience in this Academy, are meant to de-program your ego-structure. This process is gradual by some, others will experience quantumjumps of insight. Indeed we live in miraculous times.”

The tall teacher, again dressed in black, looked at the group of novices. The last few years coded messages appeared on the internet, which would eventually lead some to this small city. Most thinking that fate had brought them here. But is was the splendid isolation and the local meltingpot of energies, which brought them here at the SiTU-Academy, in the end. This was a diverse group, ages ranged from 18 to 74 and with enough etnical differences to keep the learningprocess going. And today he had to create a starting point for their personal yourney. They all looked eager and impressed, all 14 of them.

Some of them used laptops to take notes, some just stared and listened.

Everything I say, I can only say once. Everything I do, I can only do once. But that's my problem. Your task is to meditate on this principle and see what it can do for you.

Situ uses some learning-tools. Essentials to remind you the way to treat yourself and the world around you. This is a safe place, but the outside world is not and will become even more dangerous in the near future. Indeed we live in miraculous times.”

The windows of the classroom overlooked the garden in the centre of the complex. It was early morning and you could smell the flowers and hear the birds singing. Jian took a deep breath and knew that he had all the attention, he needed.

On the central screen words started to appear.

The first Situ-tool I call the AHMEZ-principle. That's German and means: Alles hangt mit einander zusammen. Every thing connects with everything. The world is one and we are part of this world. In Chaos-theory they use a story about a butterfly in Japan causing a storm in the Gulf of Mexico. A chain of reactions. This a true insight, but it is also worth contemplating what happens if you kill the butterfly.”
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor situ harns


lesson 1

I want to talk to you about geo-strategy.” Jian touched a button and behind him a world-map appeared. “Let me show you the difference between the rich and the poor.” The map went completely black, then lights started to appear. After a couple of seconds clusters of light formed, the rest of the planet was completely dark. “This is a picture of the world at night. You see, where the energy is spend. The United States alone consumes about 25% of the world's oilproduction. Europe is clearly visble as is Japan. But to keep the lights burning, the work is done by the people in the dark area's. Africa, China and South-America. Most of the meat, food and minerals are produced their as well.”

This was his usual update. Once a night a small group of people gathered. Selected students which were briefed by him about world politics and the rising of Atlantis. The programmes of the students were filled to he rim. Time was running short. The peaceful harmony of the Academy would soon be disturbed. Dark clouds were forming at the horizon. The Arab world was in turmoil and the Middle-East, including Pakistan, were far from pacified. The army controlled the cities, the Taliban controlled the villages and the countryside.

The map changed and the differnt countries were completely visible. He knew that the students were imprented by these pictures. For later use. Students were required to visualise all kinds of maps and statistics.

I have some important news about the Middle-East and the start of World War 3.”

The group reacted shocked. This was a concept, their teacher had not talked about. At least not in a direct way. “World War 2 never ended.”, he sometimes said.

I have received, through channeling, a new time-line about the plans to bomb the Iranian nuclear-sites. Well, Israel has permission, given by the United States and the European Union, to bomb Iran. They have done so in the eighties, when they bombed Iraq and got away with it. This time it's dead-serious, even if it means a Third World War. Iran will respond and Arabic countries will unite and a third Intafada will commence. But this time with dirty bombs. American troupes in the area can be easily deployed in ancient Persia. The Pentagon estimates that it will take seven years to win this war. An underlying trait is the Islamic belief in the coming of the 12th Iman, the Iman Mahdji. He will lead the muslims to world victory. The coming of the Mahdji is near. The former prime-minister of Iran said so at a UN-meeting, is a firm believer.”




In the end of days knowledge will increase. This is prophesied in the Bible and is generally interpretated as a favourable development. But it is not.

The analytic, cognitive and so-called scientific method had produced so much information, that it clouded the real knowledge of mankind. Scientist and archeologist measured for instance all aspects of the piramids in Egypt, buldozered their way in and still they have no clue of the real knowledge of the people, who built them. Everybody agrees that it is impossible to rebuild them in the 21st century. Even with all the machinery we possess and our technological development building a piramid like the ones at Gizeh. In Egypt you can find 97 piramids, but it does not stop there. In Soedan you can find piramids, which even predate the Egyptian ones. South- en Meso-America obtain thousands of piramids. One of them even bigger that the Great Piramid at Gizeh. North-Eastern China is literally littered with piramids, as is Bosnia. More will be “found”. Hidden in plain sight. For thousands of years enormous amounts of manlabor has been invested in structures, which were used only once, as a grave for a local faraoh?

High up in the Andes mountains we find colossal stone constructions. The use of it is unknown to scientists and researchers. The locals worked the granite so delicately, that you cannot put a razorblade between them. Holes are drilled in these hard stones, with a precision at which we only can watch in awe. They had to use diamonds to work the stones and to work the granite, the workers had to produce a temperature of a couple of thousands degrees. The same is true for the metal bridges, which enforce the structure. The metal must have been melted on the spot. There was more oxygen in the air then, the environment was lusher and the area lay at a lower altitude, but still. Modern man can only look at these ancient sites and wonder.

All this is knowledge has to be transformed into wisdom, like Manley P. Hall said. To explain the appearance of all these, so called anomalies, we have to aquire a completely knew look at history and the classical way it is presented to us. History is written by the conqueror or the survivor. This narrows the range of validity a great deal. But nothing is lost for ever. Ancient megaliths appear from under the Polar icecap and streetplans of sunken cities are found in the oceans and divers wonder about a site like Yonaguni. Atlantis is rising again and the pieces of the puzzle slowly appear. One thing is for sure, real history is completely different from the info they learned you at school.




Chris, on of the “Elders”, regular visitors of “the Shop” for twenty years or more. He, after missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Indonesia, as a private engineer, thought he could settle down. That's why he had chosen to settle in this little town, once an important harbour, on a six hour drive from Amsterdam to the North/East. But settling with his background, and possible PTSD-symptoms, was difficult. Especially when he observed the approaching civil war and unrest, fighting its way North.

Think global, act local”, was the text, that had appeared on his phone. The city was easy to defend. Most of the old city had been a fortress and a naval-port. Chris loved to walk around in the Inner City and admire the lay-out and the architectural richness.

If you new your way in the Inner City, you could beat of intruders. But that should be prevented. This meant regulation of the in- and outgoing traffic, human and non-humans. The traffic using the main overland entrance, was later distributed into the city by means of 7 “gates”. In fact some of them were part of the fortress. Chris noted the city-streets. On these crossroads data had to be gathered.

Arrangements had to be made, so that this strategic spot can be guarded and blocked.

But hardly anybody of the citizens choose to know their hometown and his glorious history. The backspaces and the many alleyways were used by strangers and lonely dogs.

To do something about it, “the Boss” is planning a city-tour for her clientele. Sunday-morning, 1 ½ hour. Start and Finish at “the Shop”, which is open by then.

As a special guest and guide Amanda had hired Jian, the crazy monk. He was a 70-year old SiTU-Master and known for his historical knowledge and analysis. “He will certainly stay for a while and will answer any question he can.” The friends she had asked, liked the idea.


zaterdag 7 april 2018




En de zeven engelen, die de zeven bazuinen

hadden, maakten zich op om te bazuinen.


De eerste Bazuin

Hagel en vuur, vermengd met bloed, zullen op de aarde worden geworpen.

De aarde zal verbranden en het gras zal verdwijnen.

Deze Bijbelse profetie wordt in verband gebracht met het begin van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, die zeven jaar zou duren. De omvangrijkste oorlog, die de mensheid ooit heeft gekend. Met tientallen miljoenen doden, verminkten en een gedesïntegreerde wereld achterlatend.

De tweede Bazuin

Iets als een berg, brandend van vuur, wordt in zee geworpen. De gevolgen zijn dramatisch. De schepselen in zee sterven massaal en schepen vergaan.

Door de atoombommen, die op Hirosjima en Nagasaki, komt er een einde aan de Tweede Wereldoorlog. De Koude Oorlog begint; de mens lijkt geen lessen uit de geschiedenis te trekken. De wapenwedloop neemt absurde vormen aan en mini-oorlogen worden over de hele aardbol uitgevochten.

De derde Bazuin

Er valt een grote ster uit de hemel, genaamd Alsem. Alsem is een bitter kruid. Het Russische woord hiervoor is Chernobyl. De passage verwijst naar de verontreiniging, die het gevolg was van deze nucleaire catastrofe. "Vele mensen stierven, omdat het water bitter geworden was."

De vierde Bazuin

Een derde deel van de zon, de maan en de sterren zal worden getroffen en de wereld zal worden verduisterd. Deze voorspelling werd vervuld toen de olievelden van Koeweit in brand werden gestoken.

De vijfde Bazuin en Zesde Bazuin

De rampen, die hier worden beschreven, verwijzen naar de oorlogen in Iraq. "Laat de vier engelen los, die die bij de grote rivier, de Eufraat gebonden zijn." Openbaring 9:14.

Met de sprinkhanen zouden de aanvalshelicopters zijn bedoeld en met de vuurspuwende paarden, moderne tanks.

Ondanks al deze tekenen, weigert de mens van zijn dwalingen terug te keren. "Zij bekeerden zich niet van moorden, noch van hun toverijen, noch van hun hoererij, noch van hun dieverijen." Deze vorm van extreme denial wordt ook in Openbaring voorspeld.

Volgens orthodoxe christenen en andere gelovigen bevinden we ons in het tussengebied tussen de Zesde en de Zevende Bazuin. Het wachten is op het moment, dat de ware gelovigen uit deze werkelijkheid weggenomen zullen worden. "En zij hoorden een luide stem uit de Hemel tot hen zeggen: Klimt hierheen op! En zij klommen naar de hemel op in de wolk, en hun vijanden aanschouwden hen." (Op.11). Daarna zal er een periode van zeven jaar aanbreken, waarin de achtergeblevenen opnieuw door honger, oorlog en anarchie zullen worden geteisterd. Pas dan zal de Zevende Bazuin, die de wederkomst van de Heer aankondigt, klinken en zal het Duizendjarig Rijk een aanvang nemen en een nieuw Jeruzalem worden gesticht.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 7 BAZUINEN






ik stel voor om een vergadering te beleggen.

Mijn actieradius is nog beperkt. Daarom bied ik mijn woonkamer aan voor de vergadering. Ik kan elke dag, vanaf 2 uur.

Het heeft alleen zin als Roeleke en Theo erbij kunnen zijn. Er is geen haast.


Een Lente-offensief.

Ondanks onderbrekingen en ziekte zijn m.i. een aantal ingebrachte projecten in een volgende fase aanbeland.

Project Vogelkastjes – update

Poëzie boven water – update

Het bovenlicht van Roeleke – update

Vervolgprojecten (Arremoetoe – wat gemeente en wijken verbindt. De mens centraal)

  1. Stadsderby fc Harlingen – Zeerobben. Zaterdag tegen Zondag voetbal
  2. Stadscross (fiets): naar de Dom en Weerom. Route naar de Dom, vanaf Oude Turfkade
  3. Rondje Midlum: Midlum – Wynaldum – Harlingen – Midlum (City-Run)
  4. de Historie van Harlingen (en Almenum, Midlum en Wynaldum)
Dringend behoefte aan dagbestedingsactiviteiten in Harlingen



Het is helemaal niet meer vervelend

om in een rij te moeten staan wachten.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor people row of iphone users



Gij zult geen andere goden voor mijn aangezicht hebben
Gij zult geen gesneden beeld maken
Gij zult de naam van de Here, uw God niet ijdel gebruiken
Gedenk de sabbatdag
Eer uw vader en uw moeder
Gij zult niet doodslaan
Gij zult niet echtbreken
Gij zult niet stelen
Gij zult geen valse getuigenis spreken tegen uw naaste
Gij zult niet begeren uw's naasten huis, noch iets dat van uw naaste is
Exodus 20: 3-17
De Tien Geboden zijn in twee groepen te verdelen. De eerste vier
bepalen de omgang met de Here God, de overige zes richten zich op
de sociale organisatie van de Israëlitische stammen. Mozes had
echter nog veel meer boodschappen van de Heer meegekregen.
Voorschriften inzake de eredienst, Rechten der Hebreeuwse slaven,
Voorschriften voor de Hulpbehoevenden, Voorschriften voor de
verhouding tot de Here. Het volk van Moses zegt eenstemmig ja
tegen de geboden en de voorwaarden.”Alles wat de Here
gesproken heeft zullen wij doe en daarnaar zullen wij horen.
Toen nam Mozes het bloed en sprengde het bloed op het volk en
hij zeide: Zie, het bloed van het verbond dat de Here met U sluit,
op grond van al deze woorden.” Mozes beklom met zijn broer
Aäron, Nadab, Abihu en zeventig stamoudsten de berg Sinaï en zij
aanschouwen de God van Israël. God roept Mozes tot zich. Hij geeft
hem de stenen tafelen, de wet en het gebod. Zijn opdracht is om
deze aan het volk te onderwijzen. Mozes betreedt de top van de
berg, die in wolken wordt gehuld. Het volk en de stamoudsten
aanschouwen “deze heerlijkheids Gods” op een veilige afstand.
Mozes blijft veertig dagen en veertig nachten op de berg.
In de beschrijving van de Tien Geboden wordt veel aandacht besteed
aan de sabbat en de heiliging daarvan. Voor de Joden en de

Moslimwereld is dat de periode van vrijdagavond tot zaterdagavond.
Deze dag is met speciale regels omgeven. Joden werken op die dag
beslist niet. De Rooms-Katholieke Kerk is daar bewust van
afgeweken en heeft voor de zondag gekozen. Volgens sommigen
komt de verdeeldheid van de wereld voort uit deze tweedeling. De
kracht van het gebed wordt verminderd en verspreid over twee
dagen. Bidden levert daarom niet de benodigde bijdrage aan de
stabiliserende en mobiliserend kracht van God.

A_52536, 19-11-2004, 11:54,  8C, 8000x6832 (0+1910), 100%, AHM_s

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Dear friends,

The Galapagos are one of the world’s last havens for wildlife -- pristine islands where giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and penguins live as they have for thousands of years.

But tourism and development have recently skyrocketed, destroying the home of animals and plants found nowhere else on the planet -- leaving many species on the brink of extinction.

So when a vital, 568-acre piece of land was put up for sale, local conservationists were terrified, sure it’d be razed to make way for a hotel. But then they came up with an amazing plan: buy the land themselves and create the islands’ first-ever private reserve to permanently protect the area!

But they're running out of time -- the owner will sell to the highest bidder unless they can raise nearly a million dollars in just a few weeks! That’s where we come in. A wealthy donor has promised to match what we raise dollar for dollar, so if we all chip in, we won't need weeks -- we can make this dream possible in just hours. Donate now to buy this island paradise and protect it forever:



foto van Jan van den Hoff.
foto van Jan van den Hoff.

foto van Jan van den Hoff.

foto van Jan van den Hoff.

foto van Jan van den Hoff.

maandag 26 maart 2018


This is Trump's son with the tail of an elephant he killed. Months ago, Trump tried to give him a sick gift, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Under massive public pressure Trump backed down, but now he's trying to do it again. We have to stop him. Let's build an urgent campaign and spark another media storm -- sign now with one click:


Voor libellen, amfibieën, vlinders, hamsters, ooievaars en zee-arenden proberen we waar mogelijk om de leefomstandigheden van deze dieren te herstellen en te verbeteren. Dit is een goede zaak. Alleen ben ik bang, dat onze inspanningen om de leefomstandigheden van de mens te verbeteren, op de achtergrond raken.

zondag 25 maart 2018

10 landen, die in 2035 NIET meer bestaan


           ben zeeeniv





Wie van de geschiedenis niets leert, is gedwongen die te herhalen: Duitse inval op 5 mei 1940


zaterdag 24 maart 2018

DE STIENEN MAN ofwel DE STENEN MAN (Harlingen, stad)



"Waar de Stenen man zijn ogen laat gaan over veld en strand." Het zijn bekende regels uit her ruim honderd jaar oude lied "It Heitelan" (Het Vaderland) van Jan van der Burg. De hier geciteerde versregels hebben betrekking op het standbeeld van Caspar di (ook wel de) Robles. Een intieme vriend van Philips II, die de Nederlanden, waaronder Friesland, via vererving had verworven. Deze edelman en legeraanvoerder leefde van 1527 tot 1585 en hij werd in 1568 stadhouder van het noorden en was dus een vijand en bezetter, omdat hij aan Spaanse kant vocht in de vrijheidsoorlog van de Nederlandse Republiek. Toch heeft hij een standbeeld gekregen en tot op heden behouden.
Toen de Allerheiligenvloed van 1 november grote dijkdoorbraken tot gevolg had en veel slachtoffers maakte, greep hij op krachtige wijze in. Hij dwong de halsstarrige bevolking de handen uit de mouwen te steken bij de verbetering van de zeedijken. Er was al lange tijd geen onderhoud gepleegd.
Caspar de Robles nam ook het initiatief voor het graven van het Kolonelsdiep, dat in het Fries werd verbasterd tot 'Knillesdjip'. Dat water loopt van het Bergumermeer naar het Oosten en is tegenwoordig onderdeel van het Prinses Margrietkamaal en het van Starkenborghkanaal. Aan het 'Knillesdjip' ligt Kloostertille. Met de Caspar di Roblesstraat in dat industriedorp wordt de naam, net als in Harlingen, van de initiatiefnemer van deze nog altijd belangrijke waterloop in ere gehouden.
De Spaanse stadhouder was van Portugese komaf en stamde uit het dorp Robles, maar werd aan het Spaanse hof opgevoed en opgeleid om over de gewonnen gebieden te heersen. Hij heeft het hier maar kort voor het zeggen gehad. Na de Pacificatie van Gent in 1576 was zijn rol hier uitgespeeld. In 1585 sneuvelt Caspar de Robles tijdens de belegering van Antwerpen.
Maar al eeuwen staat dit monument met zijn dubbelporter op de zeedijk bij Harlingen. Het is in de loop der tijd vernieuwd en verplaatst, in verband met de regelmatige dijkverhogingen. (tekst Jan van den Hoff)

Harlinger stadsdichters

De stenen man

De bulderende gure wester

heeft pluiszaadpollen weggeblazen

als diamanten vastgelegd

aan goudgeglansde stalen staven

die glinsterend in het ochtendlicht

de dauw verspreiden tot een waaier

van een betoov'rend vergezicht.

En aan de randen van het wezen

de mond gesperd in jammerklacht

staat geposteerd in mededogen:

'De Stenen Man'.

In dubbel opzicht het groene lint omvattend

tot het oplost in het licht.

En soms als ik zijn steun vind

in het razen van de zee

verbeeld ik mij te horen,

hoog boven het klotsen van de zee,

een zacht 'Ole!'

Cor Visser