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Polish minister 99% sure Nazi gold train exists

Polish minister 99% sure Nazi gold train exists
Underground galeries of Nazi Germany "Riese" construction project under the Ksiaz castle in the area where the "Nazi gold train" is supposedly hidden underground in Walbrzych, Poland. (AFP photo)

WARSAW: Poland's deputy culture minister on Friday said he was 99 per cent sure of the existence of the alleged Nazi train that has set off a gold rush in the country.
Local media have for days been abuzz with old lore of trains full of gold and jewels stolen by the Nazis after two men — a German and a Pole — claimed to have found an armoured train car in the southwestern city of Walbrzych.

"I'm more than 99 per cent sure such a train exists, but the nature of its contents is unverifiable at the moment," deputy culture minister Piotr Zuchowski told reporters.
Zuchowski, who is also the national heritage conservation officer, said he saw "a good-quality ground-penetrating radar image" showing the armoured train carriage over 100 metres (330 feet) in length

zaterdag 6 augustus 2016

SiTU ACADEMY (introduction)

Laura switched on the light, threw her bag on the bed and look around. The room was spacious and decorated with subtle brown, red and yellow ocre-colours. In a corner stood small statue. Incense was burning before it. What drew her immediate attention was the officedesk in the far corner. She immediately recognised the up-to-date equipment. She automatically started the computer, but then hesitated. She had to get some sleep and a shower. She switched of the light, grabbed her sleepingbag. She stared to the ceiling for a while. It was three o'clock in the morning and she started to realise, that she was experiencing an extreme cultureshock. Outside it was quiet, though she seen some people in the yard, when she came in, she only heard murmuring voices.The usual citysounds, the yelling, the sirens of amulances and policecars and sounds of automobiles were completely gone. She heard churchbells strike, but nothing else. Laura felt her heart beat and her blood stream, “So close, so close.”, Laura murmured. She started her eveningprayers and almost immideately fell asleep.

It was the second knock on the door, that woke her. After seconds she realised where she was. “One moment.”, she said and grapped her clothes and got dressed in a hurry. When Laura opened the door, she first thought that she was looking at the mysterious woman, that brought her here. But she was wrong. “A twinsister? At least a sister.” , she concluded. The woman in black, she met at the busstation, was full of energy; in front of a her stood the opposite. Simple layers of clothing made her look small, her eyes were quiet but penetrating.

You can call me El.”, the woman touched her shoulder as a form of greeting. “I am Laura.”, she answered. El nodded. “I know, you were expected. Follow me, the Master is awaiting you.”

They crossed the central yard which was dominated by a giant red beechtree. Several people were eating breakfast, which made Laura feel hungry. She had hardly eaten in 24 hours. Under the archway they went down into a cellar. It looked like an enormous library. Several people were studying there and hardly any-one looked at them passing. At the end of the cellar-library was an almost oval, wooden door. “What's the name of this place?” “Some call it Atlantis, some Situ and some the Academy. It depends on your relationship with the Master.” El knocked on the door, which slid aside. “He will tell you everything you want to know.” and directed her to the door.

There was no more time for questions. El seemed to have disappeared. Laura stepped through the door. It was the only thing she could do.

Laura entered a room, which she immediately diagnosed as a total mess. In the corner she saw an unmade bed. The floor was littered with papers, books and discs of all sorts. The room overlooked a waterway and the ancient trees of a graveyard. In front of the window was a giant desk, dominated by three computerscreens. The desk too was covered by sigarettes, papers and piles of magazines. In the ashtray incense was burning.

Welcome.”, a warm voice said. Laura swung around. Out of nowhere a man appeared. He was dressed in black, Japanese-like clothes and he was barefooted. And he was hugh, at least 7 feet tall. Though build as a giant, he moved with an almost feminine grace. “Come, sit down and have something to eat.” He cleaned a table and grabbed a loaf of bread and a waterbottle. “We will share.” and handed her the bread. Laura tore of a piece and when she put it into her mouth, she felt that is was still warm. Her host filled the glasses and was silent for a while.

Master,”, Laura tried to be as polite as possible. The environment was pretty impressing. The tree computerscreens were changing all the time and she felt, that most part of his mind, was occupied with a constant flow of data. “Master, can I ask you a question.” Years later, she understood the importance of this first contact. She never used another name ever.

Of course Laura.”, the Master answered, while taking a sip of water. “Being you at the moment, you need some answers.”

Laura hesitated a moment. “Master, where am I?”

The Master laughed: “Where do you want to be?”

She felt a little bit angry by this answer. Like Alice asking the way from the Cheshire Cat. The Master seemed to feel her emotions. “Don't get upset. There will be enough time for questions and answers. Why not for the rest of your life?”

The rest of my life.”, Laura thought, “I just arrived here.”

Again the Master anticipated her thoughts. “It took you quite a while, to get here. But I am glad that you arrived here save and sound. It was a dangerous trip you undertook.” Laura looked surprised. “It all started long before you saw the beginning of the end right into his eyes. Tlaloc never forgets, Tlaloc always protects.”

The last sentence sounded like a mantra. Which it was.
In the silence that followed, she heard the rain slashing against the windows. The waters turned grey and she heard hurrying footsteps outside. The sound of laughter.
You have something in your possesion, that is mine.”
The voice of tne Master was still friendly, but she felt that his energylevel had changed, risen to a form of anticipation.

Master, I am sorry. I don't know.” The Master raised his hand. “Let's relax. This is an important moment for both of us. Please think and look.” He touched one of the screens. Suddenly she was back in Amsterdam again. Some-one was running through crowded citystreets, throwing over people and avoiding traffic. She heard the breath of the fugitive. Shots were fired and the camera moved even faster. Suddenly the man, she assumed it was a man, came out in the open. The sun blinded the camera, but the next camerashot startled her. She saw herself lying on the street, her eyes fixed on the runner. Near her the fugitive stopped and … “I remember.”, Laura said. “That was you, throwing me the cards.” The Master nodded. “That was in another timeline. But you kept the promise I saw in your eyes.” “Which promise?”, Laura asked. “The promise to save the cards and bring them back to me.”

Laura searched her bag and got hold of the deck. “I cannot remember, that I took them this morning.” “You did.”, the Master. “Come, let me explain you something about cards.”

El drew the curtain closed. “Better for the effects”, she said and sat down again. In the meantime the Master shuffling and reshuffling the deck of cards, Laura had brought to him.

El was right, the dimming of the light, showed immediately that the cards started glowing and emitting energy in all kinds of colours. A ball of light formed around the Master's hands.
He laid the cards carefully, in a single pile, on the desk in front of him.
He looked at his two students and picked the top card from the deck.
You always have to remember, that these only objects; tools you may use, but not depend upon. This is technology to enhance your own, human, abilities. With a certain type of card you can communicate with several people directly. All over the world. The card organises the constant imput of information, selects and performs simple tasks, like paying your bills.

The card is a giant storage-facility for your personal data, media-access and library-facilities.” While the Master was talking, the card he held vibrated and even seemed
to grow.

The Master broke the spell, by laying the card on the table. At once an egg-shaped screen appeared showing images of a surveillance camera, showing a cellarlike room, with windows looking out on willows and a small stream, The rooms was filled with screens, media-hardware, chairs, a large table surrounded by wooden chairs, lots of books, disks an pamplets, seeming unorganized. Near the windows stood a big desk, filled with, what the Master called “stuff”, and a hugh screen, divided in numerous, active 4-dimensional cubicles. On an old oaken chair sat a man, dressed in black, playing with a deck of cards.

Suddenly Laura realised, that she was looking at herself and her environment. El laughed. “It is a strange sensation, to see yourself.”

This is an extra spider-app used by the card. The global data-streaming network has been hacked, so have the main-computers of every intelligence organisation, except the North-Koreans.

A switch to the White House is possible. The Americans know this, so they developed anti-spying and disturbance technology. Which computers were hacked as well.”
The Master picked two cards from the deck. “These are the first two cards I give away in a long time. If you want to have a card.”
El en Laura nodded speechless.
The card works two ways. It will learn from your habits, but also tunes in to the study and courses and groups you participate. It becomes your “little helper”. A personal program will guide you in the beginning. But remember, it is just a piece of ancient technology, a tool.” The Master handed Laura and El each a card. “Take good care of it. The card will make known to you when it is fully activated. Follow the instructions.”

It feels like a seance.”, Laura thought, when she watched her fellowstudents. “A representation of all the continents, including Atlantis”, El had said, when they left the office of the Master. “Keep your card well. The best place is on your body.” She looked Laura in the eyes, her eyes were glowing. “I will.” Laura nodded. On her travels she always kept important papers and money in a small, waterproof wallet, which was hidden under her clothes. It saved her from a lot of trouble, several times. “I will see you at three. There is a special lecture from Jian. It can be quite special.” She nodded. El greeted her by touching her arm, turned around and left. Laura had no idea, where her room could possibly be. She didn't dare to ask, because every-one she saw, was looking extremely busy. She climbed a stairway and suddenly saw the morning sky. After a few steps she entered the inner garden and saw her room on the 2nd floor. She didn't feel hungry, but could use a cup of coffee. She saw other residents and visitors eating and drinking. But again, she didn't dare ask and hurried to her room, the card still in her hands.

Her room had been cleaned and her bed was made. All other things had been stored away in a typical Dutch wooden chest. Could have belonged to a sailor. Many had set foot ashore on these shores, over the ages. Some stayed, some died here and others left, leaving the city with a tuberculosis epidemic. In a way the locals stood with their back to the Frisian homeland and with their face to the sea. A local dialect developed into a real language. One way to distinguish the town, which claimed to be a city from the year 1234. They were wrong, as with many things. The city and its environment had much older roots than officially recognised and celebrated. Leading all the way back to Atlantis. Laura set on the bed and felt a bit dizzy. In normal circumstances, she would have rolled a joint. But she had no idea, which rules they had set up in this place. Having the atmosphere of a monastery, smoking was probably forbidden. She studied the card in her hand. It was slightly bigger than a normal playing card. On one side were the red comorans holding a golden shield, with an image of the “All seeing eye”. A symbol which also dated back to Atlantis. The other side of the card was greyish-white, but had futher no picture, except from some weird symbols on the left side. Laura took a deep breath, tried to empty her mind and concentrated on the card. Immidiately she felt drawn to the card and she held it close to her eyes. After a few moments she literaly experienced a mental connection. The card started to glow and she looked into hurling clouds.


  1. Om tenslotte in Leeuwarden te worden opgehangen

    De doodstraf werd voor Nederland, ten tijde van vrede, in 1870 afgeschaft. Na de Tweede Wereldoorlog werd 152 maal de doodstraf opgelegd, waarvan er veertig door het vuurpeloton werd uitgevoerd. Voor 1870 werd de doodstraf regelmatig opgelegd. Dit kon door het zwaard of door ophanging. In de praktijk werd dit laatste toegepast. De executies in Friesland werden te Leeuwarden uitgevoerd. De spotnaam voor de Leeuwarders herinnert daar nog aan: galgelappers.grachten en waterlopen.

    Op 23 maart 1860 werd Ype (Baukes) de Graaf uit Workum in het openbaar opgehangen. Deze executie, die op marktdag werd gehouden en veel publiek trok, was de laatste, die in vredestijd werd voltrokken, voordat de doodstraf werd afgeschaft. Ype (Baukes) de Graaf bracht de meeste tijd, die hij buiten de gevangenis doorbracht, in Harlingen door. Hij was al op jeugdige leeftijd op het slechte pad geraakt en op 18-jarige leeftijd wordt hij wegens herhaalde diefstal tot twee jaar tuchthuis veroordeeld. Hierna volgt al snel een tweede veroordeling: geseling met een strop om en 7 jaar tuchthuis. In 1843 wordt Ype veroordeeld tot geseling, brandmerking en 8 jaar tuchtschool. Na deze straf blijft hij drie jaar op vrije voeten om uiteindelijk toch weer tegen de lamp lopen. Vijf jaar tuchthuis en geseling was dit maal de straf.
    In Harlingen, waar hij gedurende zijn vrije jaren verbleef, had hij kennis gekregen aan Aafke Monsma. Zij trouwden niet, maar toch kregen ze twee kinderen. Een van de kinderen overlijdt jong, de tweede is vijf jaar oud als haar vader in 1859 vrijkomt en weer naar zijn gezinnetje terug wil keren. Aafke wil echter niets meer van hem wil weten. Ype dringt aan, maar Aafke blijft weigeren.
  2. Ype Baukes de Graaf druipt af, maar op de avond van vrijdag 2 september slijpt hij in de Spoketuin bij de Kerkpoortsbrug zijn mes aan beide kanten vlijmscherp. De volgende morgen al gaat hij heel vroeg naar de aardappelmarkt. Hij neemt aan dat Aafke daar aan het werk zal zijn. Harlingen kende toen nog vele Daarvan werd druk gebruik gemaakt om groente, aardappelen, turf en andere handelswaar met bargen aan te voeren. Ype treft Aafke op de Spekmarkt, waar ze met sjouwwerk bezig was. Hij loopt op haar toe en waarschuwt haar nog een maal met de woorden: "Aafke, beraad je". Aafke blijft weigeren. Hierop trekt Ype zijn mes en steekt zeven keer toe. "O, mien arm kien, mien arm kien", waren haar laatste woorden. Dokter Ansingh, die men te hulp heeft geroepen, kan niets meer doen.
    Haar moordenaar was ondertussen de stad uitgevlucht, maar keerde al snel terug en deed alsof er niets gebeurd was. Politieman Westra herkent hem echter en houdt hem aan. Op weg naar het politiebureau dreigt de samengestroomde menigte de arrestant aan te vallen. Agent Westra kan dit maar met moeite verhinderen. Op het bureau geeft Ype Baukes de Graaf al snel toe dat hij de moord heeft gepleegd. Verder vertelt hij ook van plan te zijn geweest zijn dochter te vemoorden. Daarna had hij zelfmoord willen plegen. Op 7 november 1859 werd Ype Baukes de Graaf door het Provinciaal Gerechtshof ter dood veroordeeld. Zijn verzoek om gratie aan Koning Willem III wordt afgewezen.
    De uitdrukking "Aafke beraad je" werd daarna gebruikt om iemand, zij het gekscherend, ernstig te waarschuwen.



The Ark of the Covenant is indistructable and self-healing. Nothing that is hidden is lost.

King David conquered Jerusalem and laid the foundation of the first Kingdom of Jerusalem.

But his hands were too bloody to go beyond the earthly realm. It was his successor-son Salomon, who started and complete the building of a glorious Holy Temple, where the most precious religious objects were placed. What size they had is unknown, because the size of Solomons Temple still stays a mystery: but the Bible states that the Temple beautiful, impressive, exclusive and covered with gold. So too, were the religious ceremonial objects made of gold.

Must have been an ex- and impressive sight.

What would we, as time-travellers, see?

In order, by entrance:

The Altar of Burned offering

Scale with water, for cleansing

Table with grain, so the Wisdom of God can been eaten

Seven-branched candalera and the oil to light them

Altar of Incence

Ark of the Covenant, that had 2 parts. The Mercy-seat and the box itself. In it: the rod Aaron used at the Egyptian court; a bowl filled with “manna”, the food that rained on them, during the Exodus; and, most important, the two tablets, where with his finger, God had written the 10 commandments. Only the Highpriest could handle the Ark.

Jerusalem became the religious centre of Judaism and with a type of hadj: to go to Jerusalem every year during “pass-over”; like Jesus did.

Soon after Solomon's death, pharaoh Zichak (Zechak) attacked the Jewish capital and plundered the city.

Later in history Nebukadnezar successfully besieged the Holy City. The Babylonians plundered the Holy Temple and brought the golden Temple-attributes to Nebukadnezar's capital.

From this moment on, the Temple-artefacts are lost in history.

Several options:

  • the Arc is destroyed
  • the Arc and other objects are hidden in or close to Jerusalem. The Arc never left Israel and will manifest itself on a moment, when it is most necessary. (see Copper Scroll, a treasure map)
  • The Arc was stolen by the son, Menelek, Solomon had with the queen of Sheba. He brought the Arc to Ethiopia and where it is still kept.
  • The Arc of the Covenant was dug up, from under Solomons Temple (1115 and unward) by the Templar Knights and, with other Biblical relics, was secretely brought to France
'I Only Have 2-3 Years Left To Live'  ,Says Pope Francis  
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pope Francis has spoken publicly about the prospect of his own death for the first time, giving himself 'two or three years' before he meets his maker. In a press conference aboard his jet as he returned from a trip to South Korea, Francis also mention... Pope Francis has spoken publicly about the prospect of his own death for the first time, giving himself 'two or three years' before he meets his maker. In a press conference aboard his jet as he returned from a trip to South Korea, Francis also mentioned the possibility of retiring from the Papacy if he felt he could no longer perform his duties. His predecessor, Benedict XVI stepped down last year, an almost-unprecedented move that opened the way for Francis's accession to the Papal throne. 'I see it as the generosity of the people of God. I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, not to become proud. Because I know it will last only a short time,' he said. Then, apparently light-heartedly, he added: 'Two or three years and then I'll be off to the Father's House.'

Ten tales of aliens, UFOs and abductions.

Waarom noem(d)en we Duitsers 'moffen'?

Waarom noem(d)en we Duitsers 'moffen'?

Het woord ‘mof’ kennen we in Nederland en Vlaanderen als scheldwoord voor een Duitser. Er zijn verschillende verklaringen over de herkomst van dit woord. Lees verder
2 augustus 1870 - Opening van de Tower Subway
in Londen

2 augustus 1870 - Opening van de Tower Subway in Londen

De zogenaamde 'Tower Subway', die bekend werd als de eerste 'Tube' metrolijn, liep van Tower Hill aan de noordelijke oever van de rivier naar Vine Lane aan de zuidzijde. Lees verder
Piet de Jong in
1969 (cc - Anefo Spaarnestad)

Piet de Jong (1915-2016) - Premier tijdens de woelige jaren zestig

Piet de Jong was premier van Nederland van 1967 tot 1971 namens de KVP. Daarvoor was hij onder andere staatssecretaris en minister van Defensie. Lees verder
Casper Luyken, Augustus, 1700. Collectie
Amsterdam Museum, A 44735

De oogstmaand Augustus, vernoemd naar de eerste Romeinse keizer

Augustus is op het noordelijk halfrond de maand, waarin de graanoogst binnengehaald wordt. De maand is genoemd naar de Romeinse keizer Augustus. Lees verder
Heinrich Himmler tijdens een bezoek aanb Dachau, 1936 (Bundesarchiv - cc)

Dienstkalender Heinrich Himmler gevonden

In een archief in Rusland is een dienstkalender van de beruchte nazi Heinrich Himmler ontdekt. Dat melden Duitse media. Lees verder
Ideaalbeeld van
Karel de Grote met kort na zijn dood gemaakte delen van de keizerlijke regalia, in 1513 door Albrecht Dürer geschilderd in opdracht van zijn
vaderstad Nürnberg.

Karel de Grote (ca.745-814): de 'Vader van Europa'

De Frankische vorst Karel de Grote werd in 800 de eerste West-Europese keizer sinds de ondergang van het West-Romeinse Rijk in 476. Lees verder
Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Pierre de Coubertin en het olympisch gedachtegoed

De Franse Baron Pierre de Coubertin wordt gezien als grondlegger van de moderne Olympische Spelen. Maar is dat wel terecht? En wat was zijn visie eigenlijk? Lees verder
Irma Grese voordat ze toetrad tot de SS (bergenbelsen.co.uk)

Irma Grese (1923-1945) - De blonde Engel des Doods

Irma Grese, beruchte SS-kampbewaakster in Auschwitz. Werd onder meer bekend als "Belle van Auschwitz" en "de blonde Engel des Doods". Lees verder
Nieuwe geschiedenisboeken

Nieuwe geschiedenisboeken (week 30/31)

Deze week verschenen er verschillen boekbesprekingen op Historiek en nieuwe boeken over onder meer de zorg, Korea en de 'vergeten' executies van België. Lees verder
Westerling in 1948

Soldaat onder kapitein Westerling

Als Piet Hidskes zich in 1946 opgeeft als vrijwilliger bij een militaire elite eenheid in Nederlands-Indië, komt hij onder commando te staan van de beruchte kapitein Westerling. Lees verder
Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614) - Grootste seriemoordenares aller tijden

Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614) - Grootste seriemoordenares aller tijden

Volgens tijdgenoten was ze een van de mooiste vrouwen van Europa, maar haar karakter en daden waren minder fraai: Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614). Lees verder
Molotov en Von Ribbentrop tekenen het
verdrag op 23 augustus 1939

Het duivelspact tussen Hitler en Stalin

Op 23 augustus 1939 sloot nazi-Duitsland een geheim non-aanvalspact met aartsvijand de Sovjet-Unie: het Molotov-Ribbentroppact Lees verder
Leo Thuring
was een levensgenieter. (Bron foto onbekend)

Leo Thuring interviewde bijna alle Bekende Nederlanders

Ruim dertig jaar volgde journalist Leo Thuring de wereld van het amusement en maakte hij reis- en andere reportages voor verschillende kranten. Lees verder
Lucas van Leyden, Laatste
Oordeel (1526-27). Collectie Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden

Meesterwerk 'Laatste Oordeel' twee jaar te zien in Rijksmuseum

Het schilderij laat zien hoe de doden op de Dag des Oordeels opstaan uit hun graven. Ze worden meegevoerd door lieflijke engelen of door duivelse figuren. Lees verder
Maximiliaan Kolbe

Maximiliaan Kolbe (1894-1941) - De heilige van Auschwitz

De katholieke priester Maximiliaan Kolbe werd in augustus 1941 door de nazi's in Auschwitz vermoord. Hij wordt ook wel 'de heilige van Auschwitz' genoemd. Lees verder
Victoria Woodhull - de eerste presidentskandidate van Amerika

Victoria Woodhull: de eerste vrouwelijke presidentskandidaat van Amerika

De allereerste vrouwelijke presidentskandidaat uit de Amerikaanse geschiedenis is Victoria Woodhull. Tijdens de verkiezingen zelf zat ze in de gevangenis.