donderdag 21 december 2017

Dear Avaazers,

We've all seen the horrifying images -- whale bellies filled with bottles and bags. Islands of trash stretching for miles. Turtles tangled and drowned.

It's a planetary crisis and, unless we act now, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050!

But an amazing new study just found 90% of plastic streaming into our oceans comes from just 10 rivers in Africa and Asia. If we clean up these rivers, we could literally save our oceans!

So instead of waiting for someone else, experts and Avaazers have come up with a plan to kick-start action. If just 50,000 of us donate a small amount today, we’ll:
  • Send plastics experts to cities along the rivers to devise clean-up plans;
  • Launch massive public campaigns along the polluting rivers;
  • And lobby donor countries to fund the 10 rivers plan.

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