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The Ark of the Covenant is indistructable and self-healing. Nothing that is hidden is lost.

King David conquered Jerusalem and laid the foundation of the first Kingdom of Jerusalem.

But his hands were too bloody to go beyond the earthly realm. It was his successor-son Salomon, who started and complete the building of a glorious Holy Temple, where the most precious religious objects were placed. What size they had is unknown, because the size of Solomons Temple still stays a mystery: but the Bible states that the Temple beautiful, impressive, exclusive and covered with gold. So too, were the religious ceremonial objects made of gold.

Must have been an ex- and impressive sight.

What would we, as time-travellers, see?

In order, by entrance:

The Altar of Burned offering

Scale with water, for cleansing

Table with grain, so the Wisdom of God can been eaten

Seven-branched candalera and the oil to light them

Altar of Incence

Ark of the Covenant, that had 2 parts. The Mercy-seat and the box itself. In it: the rod Aaron used at the Egyptian court; a bowl filled with “manna”, the food that rained on them, during the Exodus; and, most important, the two tablets, where with his finger, God had written the 10 commandments. Only the Highpriest could handle the Ark.

Jerusalem became the religious centre of Judaism and with a type of hadj: to go to Jerusalem every year during “pass-over”; like Jesus did.

Soon after Solomon's death, pharaoh Zichak (Zechak) attacked the Jewish capital and plundered the city.

Later in history Nebukadnezar successfully besieged the Holy City. The Babylonians plundered the Holy Temple and brought the golden Temple-attributes to Nebukadnezar's capital.

From this moment on, the Temple-artefacts are lost in history.

Several options:

  • the Arc is destroyed
  • the Arc and other objects are hidden in or close to Jerusalem. The Arc never left Israel and will manifest itself on a moment, when it is most necessary. (see Copper Scroll, a treasure map)
  • The Arc was stolen by the son, Menelek, Solomon had with the queen of Sheba. He brought the Arc to Ethiopia and where it is still kept.
  • The Arc of the Covenant was dug up, from under Solomons Temple (1115 and unward) by the Templar Knights and, with other Biblical relics, was secretely brought to France

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