zondag 7 augustus 2016

Polish minister 99% sure Nazi gold train exists

Polish minister 99% sure Nazi gold train exists
Underground galeries of Nazi Germany "Riese" construction project under the Ksiaz castle in the area where the "Nazi gold train" is supposedly hidden underground in Walbrzych, Poland. (AFP photo)

WARSAW: Poland's deputy culture minister on Friday said he was 99 per cent sure of the existence of the alleged Nazi train that has set off a gold rush in the country.
Local media have for days been abuzz with old lore of trains full of gold and jewels stolen by the Nazis after two men — a German and a Pole — claimed to have found an armoured train car in the southwestern city of Walbrzych.

"I'm more than 99 per cent sure such a train exists, but the nature of its contents is unverifiable at the moment," deputy culture minister Piotr Zuchowski told reporters.
Zuchowski, who is also the national heritage conservation officer, said he saw "a good-quality ground-penetrating radar image" showing the armoured train carriage over 100 metres (330 feet) in length

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