zondag 23 oktober 2016

Bayer and Monsanto?!

This mega-merger is a BIG deal: combining these two corporate giants gives them enormous market share in GMO seeds, pesticides and more. This proposal follows a troubling trend of giant agriculture company mergers — leaving just a few companies in control over the building blocks of our food system.

This consolidated market will leave farmers with fewer options and higher prices, and will result in fewer real options for us in the grocery store. Monsanto and Bayer make the perfect super-villain tag team — and both are used to using their influence to downplay the negative consequences of their products. (Think about Bayer’s defense of neonicotinoid pesticides, which damage bees and monarch butterflies, and Monsanto’s defense of glyphosate, a probable human carcinogen.)

Federal regulators should block this merger to prevent further corporate control of our food supply.

Sign the petition to the Department of Justice to reject this mega-merger!

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