zondag 10 juli 2016

For THOSE OF YOU, who follow the MONKEY PATH


    Accepting the existence of and contact with e.b.e's (extra-terrestrial biological entities, in short aliens and ufo-contact), needs a big jump in your level of thinking. In this reality, mankind is seen as the central factor in a, developing reality. When aliens exist, what is our place in Creation now?
  1. Asuming, that the cosmic platform, we are acting upon, is a reflection of our past (or future, whatever), several “players” will be present and interfering with our solar system. What to expect: religious zelotes, monsters, terrorists/tribal raiders, traders, pirates, looters, mercenaries and serial killers?/probable Or benevolent teachers and spiritual leaders, that show us the way.
    It's all possible.
    Also possible that it is all a deception. A distraction for those monkeys, who get to close to the truth.
    I have never seen an ufo, but I hear the birds talking, to me.
    The whole ufo-concept has grown dramatically, sice I read my first SF-novel (Jack Vance) in the 1960's. More and more information, footage, whistleblowers and eye-witnesses. The USA and Mexico have several, daily programs, about the ufo-phenomenon. Millions and millions people have seen objects in the sky and thousands have videotaped them. Even the Vatican seems to accept the concept of “life on other planets”.
    Just that, makes this concept worth studying. There is a direct link between ufology and phenomena like: miracles, crowd-management, spirituality, magick, mindcontrol and advanced technology.

Jian, the crazy monk, SiTU

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