donderdag 14 juli 2016

Nothing has happened on the 21th of December, 2012.”, many people say. NASA already had a program planned for the 22th to explain, why nothing has happened. On the date of the end of the Maya-calendar the counting started again, like on the milage recounter in your car, starting with 0 again. This is the phalacy of linear and one-dimensional thinking.

The 21 december 2012 marks a point of no return. The warnings and prophesies started a long time ago. For over two hunderd years, people have warned for using wars to gain profit and to use violence as accepted solutions between individuals, groups and nations. Still the military-industrial has grown since World War 2, wars and uprisings are everywhere and trillions of dollars have been used to perfect “the art of war”. They have taken “the road to global peace” hostage and turned it into automatic reactions, that harm the citizens most. We even train youngsters with war- and shooting-games to excell in the art of killing. You may even be rewarded “extra” lives to continue the slaughter. We did not listen and very bad karma found its way and even got institutionalized and are globally active (Syria, Afghanistan, Kongo, Yemen and patrolling every sea). If all that wasted money has been used another way, problems like starvation, killer viruses, cancer, mental health and twisted or lack of education, could have been solved. We choose otherwise. Other warnings have been given about the destruction and pollution of our environment and destruction of natural resources. Forrest, jungle and taiga are stripped and turned into a wasteland. And even though unknown animals and plants are discovered almost every day, known spies of fish and wildlife are hunted or fished into extinction. The sea, my parents knew, is dead and filled with plastic. We did not listen and the destruction went on.

Most of the people on this planet live in poverty, lack fresh water and proper housing. This situation is growing out of hand, but still: instead of getting rid of the slumbs in Brasil, the world community organizes another Olympics. In Africa people desperately seek a way out. When they reach their destination, Europe, they risk to drown or to be stopped and put into concentrationcamps. The rich countries don't want to share, thus they will fight them off and deport them, back into misery.

Our climate is changing and we seem partly responsible for it. In Kyoto plans were made to tackle this problem globally. Since this declaration of unity, nothing has happened, except the volume of greenhouse-gasses, produced by cars, factories and farms, has risen 40 to 50 procent. Mankind was not capable of lowering emissions and will have to pay the price.

This list can go on for ever. We did not treat ourselves, each other, nature and our mother Gaya properly. We leave garbage everywhere; even on Mount Everest or the Moon.

The Maya pointed out the point of no return, when the cyclical powers of our universe and reality gain momentum. We were unable to fulfill our human destiny and the solution, a future for earth and mankind, is taken out of our hands. The question remains; does Earth needs us, on its journey into the future. Unfortunately there seems little to nothing we can do. We are part of the problem.

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