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December 21, 2012. at 11.11 p.m. At Chitzen Itza, Mexico, the earth will align with the centre of our universe, the Milky Way. At that moment the male domination will end and the female side will getc the upper hand. In politics, science, economics and religion.

I favor that. I never understood why politics, the military, economics and religion are 100% male and still could speak and act for all (women, the elderly, the children, our ancestors etc.). And it was accepted, not to be discussed or challenged. I once heard a manager say that it was quite funny: 8 men discussing women underware for next season. Things like that. But instead of mass disobedience, obedience and mental slavery is the rule. For the moment. Everywhere the people are realising how they have been cheated and lied about. Their existence and future is exploding and still they are having to pay the price. The incompetence of the world leaders is a disgrace. They circle around in a global bubble; being important, safe and well looked after. Millions of bureaucrats circle the planet this way. Completely useless and costing billions of euro.

For the Maya and the Hopi indians the above date is very important. They see it as an important shift of consciousness, which will envelope in the next 12.000 years or so. The Age of Aquarius. You can understand, that they want to celebrate this event, perform rituals and mass-ceremonies. The Maya live in Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula. Strangely enough the Mexican parliament passed a law, which forbid any religious or spiritual event on the 21st december 2012!

It seems that the Vatican heard about the plans of the Maya, to organize a great event at Chitzen Itza. They put pressure on the Mexican government to prevent this. Government is a male province, so the Vatican hade instant support. Still, this won't stop the process of change of which the male/female duality is only an aspect.



Everything is interconnected and has a certain amount of significance. So do you. If you want it or not. It also means that you have a responsibility, you didn't ask for. So you think.
Without knowing people, animals, plants are depending on you.
It manifests itself in the way, you commit yourself to it. If you ignore the weather, the weather will ignore you or will test you to draw your attention. If you ignore animals, you are likely to consume enormous amounts of junkfood and will die young. If you ignore plants, you will not see the beauty of them and the world will become a world of stone.
If you ignore people, thinking that you are Neo, the One, you slip into a so-called repitilian mindframe. The result is an way of life, dominated by immediately satisfaction, domination, hierarchy and violence. This again brings the need of armies, police and secret services to assure, that the Elite lives in the land of plenty.
The world we look at today seems to become overflown by this way of thinking. There are no morals or justice in a reptilian world, just the survival of the fittest and their offspring.
The City of Shamballa
Our disconnectedness with nature, other energy levels and the cosmos keeps you down and makes you a apathic victim for the web woven by these alien forces. Alien meaning, not human. By control, poisoning mind and body and even assasination, they keep the world stabilized. This means for instance that billions are spend on warfare, while at the same time millions are starving to death in Somalia and Ethiopy. The operating armies, navies, airforces and inteligence can easily solve this problem. But they don't. In the eyes of the Elite the Earth is densily overpopulated. In 40 years this number, of about 7 billion people, will have doubled. It seems impossible to feed all those mouths and offer them a decent living.
On the Georgia Guidestones, the Stonehenge of the USA, it simply states, that the worldpopulation must be brought back to
500.000.000 people. The survivors have been selected already.
That last 20 years has just been a playground, including 9/11, and the worst has yet to come. At his moment bacteria and viruses are roaming the world in preparation of a pandemic. All of them produced, like the Aids-virus, in military laboratories all over the planet, The humane immune system is slowly broken down, due to vaccinations, ant-biotics, chemtrails and a bad diet. Terrorist attacks will multiply and the number of natural catastrofies will mount.
The solution for this doomscenario is simple.
Reconnect, the world is waiting for your input.”


Without king David and king Salomon, Judaism and Israel would not exist. This is stated in a NGC -production called:
Judaism; inside the Torah”. Jewish archeologists are, since the birth of Israel after the Second World War, searching for proof. Did these two kings lay the foundation for a Jewish society and the Judaic religious tradition? Commonly accepted, look out for statements like that!, the Exodus took place around 1200 BC. David would have captured Jerusalem around 1000 BC. His son Salomon

built the first Temple and made Jerusalem a place of wonder and worship, with trade routes to Arabia and Africa (the queen of Sheba).

The stories of David are embedded in regional folklore and in the Bible. There is hardly any evidence. David volunteers to fight a Filistine price fighter called Goliath. This was a giant, over 10 feet tall. The scene depicted is an anomaly. Goliath is wearing the armor of a Greek hero of the 7th century BC. The Filistines themselves, arch-enemies of the Hebrews, were probably refugees. After a volcanic eruption, Crete and other Aegean islands, were flooded by a huge tsunami. The Minoan civilization was destroyed and survivors fled to the Holy Land. They were there before the Jews. Both nations were desperately looking and fighting for a new home land.

Excavations for Salomons temple have not been successful. There is no archeological evidence. Jerusalem was habituated, but is was just a small village. No remnants of walls, palaces or the First Temple have been found. Aninscription that referred to “Solomon's temple” proved out to be a fake. This was a elaborate plot to prove the rightfulness of Israel's existence. Of David it is said, that his name is mentioned on a stele of a local king. This kind names his many victories, one of which was over “the House of David”. After the “Solomon-debacle” experts want to do research on this artifact.

There is some good news though. The temple of Solomon has been found. Not in Jerusalem, but in Syria! Recent excavations have unearthed a big temple-complex which many characteristics of the Temple as described in the Bible. Historical after all?

SOMEthing to THINK about

Reality, as we know and experience it, does not exist.


THE VOICE OF THE JUNGLE: The protection of Indian cultures, headed by Sidney Pssuelo. This series travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon.

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