vrijdag 19 februari 2016


Goal: Prevent slaughter of rare mountain lions in the western U.S.
In the past decade, thousands of rare mountain lions have been killed by trophy hunters, according to a report by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona are listed as the states with the highest number of mountain lions slaughtered for sport in the past decade. In Arizona alone, nearly 2,900 of these big cats were killed. That number only increases in the other four states. According to HSUS, these states do a poor job of properly monitoring their mountain lion population, frequently allow multiple killings and do not have season limits.
Trophy hunters prize these big cats as mounted displays or rugs. They often use packs of dogs wearing radio collars to corner the big cats and make for an easy kill shot. The mountain lion is a rare and beautiful animal, making it a target for trophy hunters and in need of our protection.

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