donderdag 29 december 2016

besides stuying the program (streamed on 5 blogs)

    1. Forget everything you have been taught about the basics, the roots of our exist, necessities to direct our future, they are all false and manipulative and give you a fake impression of the world you live in and of yourself.
      In many cases, quiet the opposite. Or just part of it.
      We, as the human species, just use part of our senses and abilities. This makes us fulnerable and docile; easy prey to the real powers of the universe.

  1. Forgetting does not mean throwing away. You have to test your knowledge and abilities. There is a completely new, inspiring world awaiting you. Content of program is published on five blogs and Facebook).

  2. Commerdial tv openly admits that their programs contain “productplacement”. Not mentioned is the attitude-management. We are bombarded with choices: how we can get a beautiful skin, how much is that car; but also choices of live and death. We have chosen to be a major player in worldwide erupting wars, rebellion and local uprisings. Lives have been lost; our own but also the dead of soldiers and civilians on the side of the enemy.
    So, don't choose and withdraw from the heat of the battle.

  1. Experiencing “the other side” is possible by study of the program (5 blogs) and a special Facebook page.

      1. Block input. Use twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, smartphone as less as possible. Wake-up and look around.
        Search for “your” truth.

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