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In eschatological doctrine a “Beast” will appear during the turmoil of the End Times. After a global reign of several years, he will ignite the final War: the Battle at Armageddon. On the plains of the Middle-East Good and Evil clash. According to Christian and Islamic tradition mankind will be saved; either by the return of Jesus or the “reign” of Allah. The Jews are awaiting a kind of Messias of their own. The problem is Jewish prophesy. The Jewish Messias will manifest himself after the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Gradually the tension in Jerusalem rises among the three religions. Jewish pressure grows. They want to rebuild the Temple. Priests and builders are trained,the stones are cut and the (golden) religious objects are ready.

The search for the “Beast” (or Djadjal) is 2000 years old. Prophets, rabbi's and imams, have named a number of candidates in history. Nero, the Roman Emperor, is mentioned in Revelation (666), Djengis Khan, Emperor Napoleon and Adolf Hitler. Definitively they were possessed by divine powers of evil. All 4 have developed their own Cosmic Ritual of Destruction. Nero burnt christians on stakes. At dinner. Djengis Kahn beheaded his opponents and showed the severed heads. Hitlor perfectioned a racial destruction machine called the “Endlosung.” Napoleon made perfect use of canons and decimated his enemies.

In this day and age “the Beast” will manifest itself in the flesh. To play his role in the, planned, Endtime scenario. The prime candidate is waging a scrupulous civil war he is about to win. He knows that Russia, Turkey, North-Korea and Iran on his side. The Battle of Armageddon will take off focused on Israel and his Allies. In the meantime the Chinese are further enslaving, mentally and physically, the people in preparation of an Asian conflict.

The “Beast” is president and supreme commander and is provoking the World by using chemical and biological weapons. A testing-ground for future war. His first name is “Bashar”, meaning keader of armies. His last name is “Assad”, like his father.

Ryanna looked on. She observed Jian, while he said writing. Obviously he was in a kind of trance, for he hadn't stopped writing for half an hour. “I am writing a book.”, he had said, “And you are in it.”

Ryanna nodded smiling. “You ain't seen nothing yet”.

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