dinsdag 10 april 2018



It was in the early years ot the 21st century, that the weather turned into which was later called a non-winter, short periodes of cold, followed by springlike episodes. An economy based on mobility could not cope with this kind of weather. Icerains blocked the roads, to freeze again in the evening. In the meantine in protected areas, flowers started to blossom and birds started courting. There were people who thought that they were realising these effects themselves and in fact they were true. Our state of mind has always been mirrored by the world around us and in the same way we influence this world environment. Climatechange is caused by us. Not by burning up fossil fuels and using every possible part of the world to maintain an illusion of wealth and growth. In effect it was the other way round. Beauty and life disappeared in favour of concrete, highways and skyscrapers. When man is indifferent to or endageres nature, nature gets indifferent to man. Water falls, water flows and it always finds a way to go. This mancreated, unnatural environment effects your vibes, numbs you down and makes you forget who you really are. And so year after year the world looses its sparkle and starts sending messages of pain. Floods, draughts, fire, earthquakes or birds falling out of the sky.

But let's talk about the weather.-side of change. In five years time the weather had disrupted the routines of public transport. Travellers were advised to travel only if necessary and to carry a blanket and something to eat. Like the situation on the Titanic, where they had not enough lifeboats, the daredevils who tried to go by train, learned that the brandnew trains had no toilets. With the compliments of the management. On television overpayed managers said things, every five year-old could have said, and got away with it.

This country, which once was seen as a luxury estate at the sea, with parks, woods, waterways, beautiful cities and villages. Every aspect of an inspiring environment was present and in recent years the European ecosystem was slowly destroyed to be replaced by a electronically controled artifcial environment; an economiccal battlefield. And they liked it. They flocked together at manifestations, parades, musical performances and commercial sell-outs. They all drove by car around and around, with the result that the occupants of the MIR-station could not see the Kingdom of the Netherlands at all. Which was fine with me. Danger always comes from above, so they say.

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