zondag 8 april 2018


lesson 1

I want to talk to you about geo-strategy.” Jian touched a button and behind him a world-map appeared. “Let me show you the difference between the rich and the poor.” The map went completely black, then lights started to appear. After a couple of seconds clusters of light formed, the rest of the planet was completely dark. “This is a picture of the world at night. You see, where the energy is spend. The United States alone consumes about 25% of the world's oilproduction. Europe is clearly visble as is Japan. But to keep the lights burning, the work is done by the people in the dark area's. Africa, China and South-America. Most of the meat, food and minerals are produced their as well.”

This was his usual update. Once a night a small group of people gathered. Selected students which were briefed by him about world politics and the rising of Atlantis. The programmes of the students were filled to he rim. Time was running short. The peaceful harmony of the Academy would soon be disturbed. Dark clouds were forming at the horizon. The Arab world was in turmoil and the Middle-East, including Pakistan, were far from pacified. The army controlled the cities, the Taliban controlled the villages and the countryside.

The map changed and the differnt countries were completely visible. He knew that the students were imprented by these pictures. For later use. Students were required to visualise all kinds of maps and statistics.

I have some important news about the Middle-East and the start of World War 3.”

The group reacted shocked. This was a concept, their teacher had not talked about. At least not in a direct way. “World War 2 never ended.”, he sometimes said.

I have received, through channeling, a new time-line about the plans to bomb the Iranian nuclear-sites. Well, Israel has permission, given by the United States and the European Union, to bomb Iran. They have done so in the eighties, when they bombed Iraq and got away with it. This time it's dead-serious, even if it means a Third World War. Iran will respond and Arabic countries will unite and a third Intafada will commence. But this time with dirty bombs. American troupes in the area can be easily deployed in ancient Persia. The Pentagon estimates that it will take seven years to win this war. An underlying trait is the Islamic belief in the coming of the 12th Iman, the Iman Mahdji. He will lead the muslims to world victory. The coming of the Mahdji is near. The former prime-minister of Iran said so at a UN-meeting, is a firm believer.”

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