zondag 8 april 2018



Chris, on of the “Elders”, regular visitors of “the Shop” for twenty years or more. He, after missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Indonesia, as a private engineer, thought he could settle down. That's why he had chosen to settle in this little town, once an important harbour, on a six hour drive from Amsterdam to the North/East. But settling with his background, and possible PTSD-symptoms, was difficult. Especially when he observed the approaching civil war and unrest, fighting its way North.

Think global, act local”, was the text, that had appeared on his phone. The city was easy to defend. Most of the old city had been a fortress and a naval-port. Chris loved to walk around in the Inner City and admire the lay-out and the architectural richness.

If you new your way in the Inner City, you could beat of intruders. But that should be prevented. This meant regulation of the in- and outgoing traffic, human and non-humans. The traffic using the main overland entrance, was later distributed into the city by means of 7 “gates”. In fact some of them were part of the fortress. Chris noted the city-streets. On these crossroads data had to be gathered.

Arrangements had to be made, so that this strategic spot can be guarded and blocked.

But hardly anybody of the citizens choose to know their hometown and his glorious history. The backspaces and the many alleyways were used by strangers and lonely dogs.

To do something about it, “the Boss” is planning a city-tour for her clientele. Sunday-morning, 1 ½ hour. Start and Finish at “the Shop”, which is open by then.

As a special guest and guide Amanda had hired Jian, the crazy monk. He was a 70-year old SiTU-Master and known for his historical knowledge and analysis. “He will certainly stay for a while and will answer any question he can.” The friends she had asked, liked the idea.

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