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The lessons and lectures, in fact every experience in this Academy, are meant to de-program your ego-structure. This process is gradual by some, others will experience quantumjumps of insight. Indeed we live in miraculous times.”

The tall teacher, again dressed in black, looked at the group of novices. The last few years coded messages appeared on the internet, which would eventually lead some to this small city. Most thinking that fate had brought them here. But is was the splendid isolation and the local meltingpot of energies, which brought them here at the SiTU-Academy, in the end. This was a diverse group, ages ranged from 18 to 74 and with enough etnical differences to keep the learningprocess going. And today he had to create a starting point for their personal yourney. They all looked eager and impressed, all 14 of them.

Some of them used laptops to take notes, some just stared and listened.

Everything I say, I can only say once. Everything I do, I can only do once. But that's my problem. Your task is to meditate on this principle and see what it can do for you.

Situ uses some learning-tools. Essentials to remind you the way to treat yourself and the world around you. This is a safe place, but the outside world is not and will become even more dangerous in the near future. Indeed we live in miraculous times.”

The windows of the classroom overlooked the garden in the centre of the complex. It was early morning and you could smell the flowers and hear the birds singing. Jian took a deep breath and knew that he had all the attention, he needed.

On the central screen words started to appear.

The first Situ-tool I call the AHMEZ-principle. That's German and means: Alles hangt mit einander zusammen. Every thing connects with everything. The world is one and we are part of this world. In Chaos-theory they use a story about a butterfly in Japan causing a storm in the Gulf of Mexico. A chain of reactions. This a true insight, but it is also worth contemplating what happens if you kill the butterfly.”
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