zondag 8 april 2018



In the end of days knowledge will increase. This is prophesied in the Bible and is generally interpretated as a favourable development. But it is not.

The analytic, cognitive and so-called scientific method had produced so much information, that it clouded the real knowledge of mankind. Scientist and archeologist measured for instance all aspects of the piramids in Egypt, buldozered their way in and still they have no clue of the real knowledge of the people, who built them. Everybody agrees that it is impossible to rebuild them in the 21st century. Even with all the machinery we possess and our technological development building a piramid like the ones at Gizeh. In Egypt you can find 97 piramids, but it does not stop there. In Soedan you can find piramids, which even predate the Egyptian ones. South- en Meso-America obtain thousands of piramids. One of them even bigger that the Great Piramid at Gizeh. North-Eastern China is literally littered with piramids, as is Bosnia. More will be “found”. Hidden in plain sight. For thousands of years enormous amounts of manlabor has been invested in structures, which were used only once, as a grave for a local faraoh?

High up in the Andes mountains we find colossal stone constructions. The use of it is unknown to scientists and researchers. The locals worked the granite so delicately, that you cannot put a razorblade between them. Holes are drilled in these hard stones, with a precision at which we only can watch in awe. They had to use diamonds to work the stones and to work the granite, the workers had to produce a temperature of a couple of thousands degrees. The same is true for the metal bridges, which enforce the structure. The metal must have been melted on the spot. There was more oxygen in the air then, the environment was lusher and the area lay at a lower altitude, but still. Modern man can only look at these ancient sites and wonder.

All this is knowledge has to be transformed into wisdom, like Manley P. Hall said. To explain the appearance of all these, so called anomalies, we have to aquire a completely knew look at history and the classical way it is presented to us. History is written by the conqueror or the survivor. This narrows the range of validity a great deal. But nothing is lost for ever. Ancient megaliths appear from under the Polar icecap and streetplans of sunken cities are found in the oceans and divers wonder about a site like Yonaguni. Atlantis is rising again and the pieces of the puzzle slowly appear. One thing is for sure, real history is completely different from the info they learned you at school.

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